Our History

In 2004, the founder of our website was searching online for a new credit card, but found the process of choosing the best offer to be very tedious and time-consuming. To truly find the best offer, he concluded, one would have to spend days on end going to the websites of each major credit card issuer, extracting each card's features from its terms and conditions disclosure, copying-and-pasting these details into a spreadsheet, then sorting the spreadsheet by various columns to rank the features of each card. To top it all off, applying for a particular card would be the equivalent of rolling the dice on one’s financial future, not knowing if that card requires excellent credit for approval or if it will approve those with average credit.

Enough was enough, he decided. And our website was born. Creditcard321in2004

Why the Funny Name?
The site’s name (pronounced “Credit Card 3, 2, 1”) resulted from the founders’ wishes to have a name that reflected an easier experience for the average consumer, a three-step process that makes the task of finding a new credit card more pleasant and less time-consuming. Visitors should be able to browse, compare, and apply without the need to develop complex spreadsheets over a number of days or weeks, he thought. As a result, CreditCard321.com became known as The Easy Guide to Credit Cards.

Changing & Growing
The earliest iterations of the site, first launched in 2004, compared about two dozen of the most popular credit cards by category. It instantly became a popular destination for web surfers.

Since then, the site's larger staff has redesigned the look-and-feel of the site, added more features and data for each card, and compiled an impressive list of cards from each major issuer along with the best cards from smaller issuers.

A Leading Consumer Resource
The site has served more than 5 million visitors and has become a leading destination for those looking to research credit card offers. Its rankings are assessed  on a daily basis, and new information is added for each card as it becomes available to us.

While the site's success as a consumer resource has been astounding, we are always looking to improve. We encourage you to contact us if you have a comment or suggestion on making our site the best (and easiest!) it can be.